Myths and Facts About the Benefits of Yoga

An ancient exercise yoga naturally provides several health benefits and without any costly equipment. If you put Yoga into your daily routine, it is surely going to give great results to you with natural health and many other benefits like peaceful mind, great body and high spirit. However, to get the greatest of benefits of yoga you must practice yoga daily.People are always misunderstood regarding the benefits of yoga and they think only about the physical benefits. However, many are unaware of the emotional benefits which yoga provides to remove stress naturally. These days’ people all over the world are seeking help of yoga to super charge their body as well as to become stress free by practicing yoga daily for 30 minutes.Yoga is not the word anymore and recognized as a science and the scientific method of yoga first finds the cause of a problem and then provides remedies accordingly. Yoga is based on some specific principles and guidelines discovered by ancient Indian sages.If yoga is only a faith or belief, then nobody should ask the unfair question of its benefits. However, as you know yoga is purely based on scientific method, then we have the right to ask:
What are the benefits of yoga?
Why should I practice it?
The answers have already been given to us by the ancient sages and they were amazed that yoga surprisingly understands the internal physical activity naturally and reacts accordingly. Yoga has a very good connection with the mind and body. This harmony of mind and body can be achieved through a series of yogic postures (Asanas), perfect breathing and meditation. As yoga is very much connected to the mind, you have to pay a special attention on breathing during yogic postures (Asanas). The combination of series of postures, perfect breathing and meditation help our body and mind to function properly.Day by day our bodies are becoming susceptible to harmful toxins because of industrialized environment, wrong lifestyle and poor diet. So, to remove all the impurities from our body we have to bake our body hard under the training of yoga. You will be surprised to know that yoga is oiling your entire physical machinery naturally.Some of the physical benefits are:
Yoga creates physical flexibility
Yoga ensures cardiovascular efficiency
Yoga flushes out all the impurities from the body
Due to yoga gastrointestinal system functions properly
Removes backache, arthritis and asthma
Hugely effective in reducing belly fat
Nothing is more effective than yoga to lose weight quick
Only Yoga massages all the internal organs of the body
Yoga works as a lubricant to all the joints
You can also practice yoga on the beach, at your house or at the nearest health club wherever you want. This is another important benefit of yoga as it does not need special places or heavy and costly equipments.One major benefit of yoga is the peaceful mind. We all know that, due to confusions, stress and tensions we never perform satisfactorily.Here comes yoga which synchronizes our body with the mind through meditation.Daily practice of meditation for 15 minutes will surely help you remove stress in no time. As meditation directly works on the emotional system, stress finds no place to stay there in the mind anymore.But, these benefits can only be gained if you take action otherwise yoga will be only a physical and psychological intellect to you and nothing more.The benefits of yoga are more advanced than simple breathing and stretching we are discussing, but it flushes out all the harmful toxic emotions that prevent us to live a healthy life.Namaste!

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